After 10,000 years, I'm back! Sorry, it's only felt like 10,000 years but I, Chris Donovan, have returned from my prolonged absence and am back in the podcasting game. I am here to answer your most pressing questions. This of course is only if your most pressing question is what I thought the top ten horror movies of 2019 were. If you have another pressing question that will have to wait for another time. Did I include a movie about a pastor who becomes a dinosaur to fight ninjas? Did I actually have 11 movies because I couldn't decide between two and had to have a tie? Did I butcher some Japanese names because I couldn't find videos of their names being said but still wanted to praise their movie? Yes, yes, and unfortunately yes. So join me as I count down the (in my opinion) top ten horror movies of 2019.

Happy New Year! Before we break forward into the new year of 2019 with our hopes and dreams in full bloom, come with me, Chris Donovan, as I look back on the past year in horror and tell you which films warmed my heart the most. Because even though the year might've been rough, we at least had some top-notch horror along the way. Did I have the audacity to put a SyFy original movie in my Top 10? Do I have some controversial things to say about one of the biggest horror movies of the year? Did I put a crime thriller in my Top 10 and say 'whatever, close enough to horror for me?' Yes, yes, and yes I did. So join me as I fly solo to give you guys my ten favorite horror movies of the year.

Happy Halloween!! What? You're saying that it's actually November 13th? Well it's still Halloween in my heart. But for real, your lovely, apologetic, and constantly procrastinating host, Chris Donovan is finally here to discuss the new Halloween film that came out a month ago. He's joined by his buddies Justin Beaucage and Ryan Spooner to talk about and they will take a bite out of this movie like an apple with a razor blade in it. Which one of us was disappointed by the film? Which one is a novice to the Halloween game? And which one of us has developed a crackpot theory about the making of this film? (Spoiler: that last one is me, Chris Donovan). So crack open that last bag of candy corn and listen to us dive into the biggest movie of the fall: Halloween. Not the Rob Zombie one...or the original one...the third movie to be called Halloween.


Also I'm sorry about the delay, real life got in the way of me getting an episode out to you in time for Halloween. Also apologies to the podcasters in this movie because I ragged on them for not making time sensitive content and here I am uploading a Halloween review on November 13th. I'm a fool in man's shoes.

Welcome to Hell! Chris Donovan is back with another quick hit review this time talking about the brand new horror film, Hell Fest. Chris is a sucker for slashers but how does Hell Fest stack up. Well if you think Chris fell for this film's slick design, lovely camera work, and fun cast of characters...then you're right. I really enjoyed this film. So come on, grab your VIP pass, grab your significant other, and join me in line as we wait to get into the haunted house attraction of the season: Hell Fest.

Hey guys, Chris Donovan coming at you with a quick hit review. I saw Assassination Nation on Thursday and I had to talk about it so I went solo and recorded a really quick, spoiler-free review for the new film. I hope you like the episode and I hope you like this quick review format. I hope to have a few of these out for you this Halloween season, including next week for Hell Fest!!

Happy Birthday!! It's a special day here at PHP because it is the birthday of not just your lovely and handsome host, Chris Donovan, but it's also the birthday of our guest this week, Alex Reale!! So it only makes sense that on such a wonderful day, the two of us open up this absolute gift to the world, the 2012 film Cabin in the Woods. Join the birthday boys as we go down into the cellar and see what monsters await us. We discuss what-ifs, potential spin-offs, and who we'd like to have in charge or keeping the world safe. We also geek out about what is, for Chris Donovan's money, the greatest five minutes in film history. So what are you waiting for: let's get this party started!

Spelunking anyone? Carrie is back to join ya boy, Chris Donovan as we descend into a conversation about the classic 2005 Neil Marshall film, The Descent. Along the way we will talk about director tropes, Hudsons, and sex shop glowsticks as we try to distill what about The Descent is so awe-inspiring? Is it it's impeccable cinematography? Is it the wonderful characters? Is it the claustrophobic tension? Or is it just some cool monsters? Spoiler Alert: It's all of the above. So what are you waiting for? Put on your helmet and climbing gear and join us as we lose our minds talking about what is collectively, one of our favorite movies. You won't need night vision to see how much we love talking about The Descent.

SHH! Some of us are trying to read. Not every horror movie adapted from a book leaves the good stuff on the page. Sometimes, they capture the words and project it on screen bigger and better than we could've even imagined. Carolyn is back with your ole pal, Chris Donovan and we're gonna have ourselves a chat about what happens when horror leaps off the page and infects the silver screen. We also talk about how sharks are awesome and how unfair it is that book to TV episodes don't count to this list, but it's mostly about the cool horror films. From classic black and white tales of suspense to 2018 Netflix monster movies and everything in between. And yes, Stephen King's name gets mentioned a few times. So take a seat by the fireplace and let Carrie and Chris regale you with a tale of what happens when books become movies.

What's down that path over there? Well Chris Donovan and his guest Carolyn Drake-Coyle will show you. It goes all the way down to the Pet Sematary, a place where the dead speak! And also a fun but not great film that boasts a ton of quotable lines and questionable decisions. Join us as we discuss the 1989 Stephen King adaptation brought to us by the director of Halloweentown II and Mega Python vs Gatoroid. We'll air our grievances about how this adaptation falters whereas the book soars like a kite, we'll talk about what we're hoping for in the upcoming remake, and we'll even tell you the perfect Movie Night pairing with this film because we're super cool. So enjoy! And don't forget: sometimes...dead is better, Carolyn and I just wish this movie was too.

Great party, isn't it! Sorry it's been a while since our last episode. I got this job taking care of this giant hotel over the winter called The Overlook and it's been consuming all of my time. I've been running through this place so much, I thought I was going to go crazy. Luckily my friend Megan Pendagast was able to stop by so we could chat about the 1980 Stanley Kubrick film, The Shining. We got to talk about what-ifs behind the making of the film, the endless amount of theories this film has produced, and settle the age old question of The Shining movie vs The Shining novel. So join Megan and I as we grab ourselves a glass of ghost whiskey, book a stay in Room 237, and have a fun chat about all things Shining. Afterall, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!

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